The main objective for us, at Pravda Media is to get your business seen by as many people on the internet as possible. A recent study showed that 97 percent of people shopping for local services or products will use the internet. That is an astounding figure. It is our job to make sure that you are in front of this hungry crowd at all times. For you to be there to satisfy their desire for what you offer, your business has to be the one that comes up on the first page when they search, by popular key words, using any of the major search engines, especially Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There are many different methods that we use to accomplish moving you to the top rankings. Some of these methods include but are not limited to:
• Optimization of your website including landing pages. Your website consists of a home page that describes your business and another that tells your story. There is another that has information how to contact you. The search engines are looking for a page that is rich with the most commonly used phrases people will type looking for you. We study the ever changing algorithms that the search engines use and write and optimize your pages accordingly. We use programs that rank the most frequently used keywords pertaining to your particular industry and apply them to your business pages.
• Back linking. Google and the other search engines use traffic from other sites in determining your ranking. To get traffic to your site we use back links. These are links back to your landing pages that are on related articles, forums, press releases and more. As people read an article about an interesting aspect of your business their desire to know more will bring them to you though a link in that article. The more hits you get the higher up you will rank in the search engines. We have skilled, experienced SEO content writers at our disposal to create the quality test that the search engines look for. Linking is a project that can have no end. The more links you have out there the more traffic you will receive.
• Manual directory placement. When people search for a business and a local location, for example Tacos in Brooklyn, the first listings to appear are those in the directories, like Google Places or Maps, City Search, Yelp and many others. We make sure that your name is listed in a positive light on over 20 of these directories. We use Whitespark Local Citation Services, a state of the art program that tracks all of the views that your competition receives on all of these sites, so you are always one step ahead of them. Whatever they do, you will know.
• Reputation Management. It is very important that you are listed in a positive way on the customer review sites like City Search, Judy’s Book, Insider Pages and Google places. People will find you there and read all the positive feedback about your business and will be anxious to do business.

These are just a few of the SEO services we provide to make certain that you name is always above the competition when people are looking for services like yours in your neighborhood. If your business depends on customers from all over the country coming to your online store, we can help you also. We have successfully raised internet presence, traffic and profits for countless clients for years and we can do it for your business too.