At Pravda Media we recognize the fact the Google Places is the single most important local business listing site on the internet today. If you want a way to have your name displayed in a prominent place to get business to your door, Google Places is a must. The benefits received by having a listing there are many and include:

• Top rankings with Google search results.
• The ability to offer online coupons to your customers.
• A business page that can be customized to your needs.
• Accessibility to information on your page views and all interaction with your listing.
• An opportunity to inform Google as to the services you provide and your geographical area.

We will get your profile set up on Google Places and make sure you are listed in the many other local business sites on the internet also. This presence will move you up in Google’s rankings in Places and also will move your web pages up in the standard Google search as well. In Google search you will have favor just by being present on Google Places.

You will be able to monitor the amount of views you get and how many people opted for directions to your business or looked on Google maps for your location. With Google Places, and our proven SEO techniques to get you found, your conversions will be impressive and your business will increase dramatically. You cannot afford not to be on Google Places.

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