Color Printing


These days, it’s all about more for less. That’s why we offer high-quality printing, along with our great customer service and all for prices that are lower than you’d expect. We strive to exceed expectations on every single order.

Graphic Design


Your individuality shines through. As a professional graphic design company, we provide a corporate identity that delivers a consistent message to your customers, while conveying your company’s unique strengths, capabilities, and goals.

Web Design


Good looks and personality to match. We create web interfaces that are memorable, visually stunning, and highly functional. We lure ’em in with a pretty face and keep them there with smooth navigation and content that’s easy to digest.

Why choose Pravda Media for printing services?

Out of all the printing processes, offset and digital are the most common. We use offset printing, because it is more cost-efficient for bulk commercial printing. The process involves transferring an inked image from a plate to a rubber mat and then onto paper.


We’re committed to saving you time and money by making your one-stop shop for finding the best prices. We are certain that they are amongst the lowest you will find on the Internet. With our promotional and specially-priced items, we are confident that you will not be able to find comparative service and quality for what you spend. If you somehow accomplish this, let us know within one week of your purchase, and we will gladly match the lower price in the form of a discount voucher for future use.

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround is a major part of our quality customer service. Standard turnaround time is 3 – 5 business days. For an additional fee, we do offer 24 hour and 48 hour options, as well as same day printing service, if available.

Free Shipping
Yes, Free Shipping! Anywhere in US! Free shipping available on most items. Please check item description for details.
How Web Design Works:

Gather and organize customer content.
Plan the look, feel, and functionality of the site.
Developing page templates, buttons, and graphics in Photoshop.
Last, but definitely not least, the complete development. This is where all of the steps come together to form an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use, and cross-browser friendly website.

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